Ludum Dare #31 - ORION

One Ludum Dare more, one game more. This time I had the full weekend to do it, and under the contest theme "Entire Game on One Screen" I managed to do this mini spacecraft launch simulator.

Check out ORION in Ludum Dare website

I felt that a good atmosphere was a priority in this one, so I took special care with the graphics and the sound effects, to the detriment of a proper gameplay. This led to a quite simple game, but people seem to love it!, and even Lucas Pope bothered to say something about it.

Tools: Photoshop and CanvasQuery js library.

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Last month I worked on a game with Jorge Fuentes, which we called Zoi. Starting from his idea about a triangle jumping on blocks coming towards it, we finished the HTML5 game in a week, using the Phaser library.

In the first weeks we had quite a lot of visits and feedback (specially from the north of Africa and Middle East, thanks to being featured in this website) and even ran a contest, daring players to get the furthest they could, recording the playthrough with a camera and uploading it to youtube. The winner won 30€ worth of games. Was really fun :D

The fact is that the game was really addictive to many people and we thought it had a lot of potential, so I started to port it to iOS, which I did in another week's time, using Apple's SpriteKit. The game was published for free in the App Store some days later, featuring Game Center scoreboards, achievements and an in-app purchase to remove the ads.

But that is not the end of the story. A couple of weeks later, GameSys contacted us, and after some emails and talks, they bought Zoi, both the actual game and the intellectual property. So that is why you will not find Zoi online or in the App Store now :)

Check out the games section for some Zoi screenshots (game design and art by Jorge, programming by me), and if you search on youtube you can see how the game looked like.


"Shaun the Sheep - The Movie" second teaser trailer

The second teaser for the movie is out! This one already features many of my clouds :)

More info in Aardman's website


Ludum Dare #29 results

Surprisingly, I came #1 in Graphics category!!, tied with conormn's wonderful entry.

Also, I came #23 in Mood category, which is preety cool too when you think there were 1493 participants! :)

It's very rewarding giving that I did Beneath the Cave in just 6 hours. I wonder how it would end if I had spend two full days.. It would have some gameplay, at least :)

Waiting for the next Ludum Dare!


Ludum Dare #29 - Beneath the Cave

This weekend another Ludum Dare took place. I was preety busy so I already had discarded to participate, but 6 hours before the deadline (Monday 3am) I had a chance and tried to make something.

This is what I managed to do: Beneath the Cave

Try to go to the end screen, there's a little surprise. I'd love to add more gameplay, like talking with more animals (frog, rabbit, fox..), adding more obstacles, and more adventure game point-and-click type of elements. But well, I guess for 6 hours it was too ambitious, taking into account the time required for bug fixing and other technical stuff.

The bird movements turned out surprisingly convincing, I think :)

If you are registered in Ludum Dare, check the entry page and vote!

Tools: Photoshop and Phaser js library.

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