JS1K - Super Mini Hexagon

For the recent JS1K contest I made a clone of Super Hexagon, the fantastic game done by Terry Cavanagh.

In this game you move a tiny triangle around the center of the screen while trying to dodge the walls that come to you. The original game is terribly difficult, and I made my version way easier. Think of it as a Super Hexagon trainer :D

The main point of the JS1K contest is that the demo must be less than 1024 Bytes of Javascript code, so it is always a thrill and a challenge to do something interesting in such a small amount of space.

Anyway, here's my entry: JS1K Super Mini Hexagon

I've also made an online version for iPad/iPhone/Android owners:
Touch-ready Super Mini Hexagon
(use the buttons below the game to move the player)

Thanks to kuvos for continuing and hosting js1k competition! :)

My previous JS1K entries:
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