Ludum Dare #29 - Beneath the Cave

This weekend another Ludum Dare took place. I was preety busy so I already had discarded to participate, but 6 hours before the deadline (Monday 3am) I had a chance and tried to make something.

This is what I managed to do: Beneath the Cave

Try to go to the end screen, there's a little surprise. I'd love to add more gameplay, like talking with more animals (frog, rabbit, fox..), adding more obstacles, and more adventure game point-and-click type of elements. But well, I guess for 6 hours it was too ambitious, taking into account the time required for bug fixing and other technical stuff.

The bird movements turned out surprisingly convincing, I think :)

If you are registered in Ludum Dare, check the entry page and vote!

Tools: Photoshop and Phaser js library.

Mola el pájaro sí señor! Espero que le dediques algo más de tiempo, es un inicio muy bueno y veo perfectamente como podría transformarse en algo muy chulo!
Zafio, 4 years ago
Looks really awesome, but the text scrolls *slow slowly* It. Felt. Like. The. Bear. Was. Talking. Like This.
loonybin, 4 years ago



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