Ludum Dare #31 - ORION

One Ludum Dare more, one game more. This time I had the full weekend to do it, and under the contest theme "Entire Game on One Screen" I managed to do this mini spacecraft launch simulator.

Check out ORION in Ludum Dare website

I felt that a good atmosphere was a priority in this one, so I took special care with the graphics and the sound effects, to the detriment of a proper gameplay. This led to a quite simple game, but people seem to love it!, and even Lucas Pope bothered to say something about it.

Tools: Photoshop and CanvasQuery js library.

Discuss and rate Orion in Steam Greenlight

Very nice feiss!! going to Steam Greenlight!
Un saludillo desde los madriles.
Adrian (masi), 3 years ago



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