Capture the Flag

Matte Painting & Illustrations, Lightbox Entertainment   

Capture the Flag - Teaser Trailer

Matte painting, Lightbox Entertainment   

Painted over a base 3d render. Click to toggle it.

360 sky dome matte painting (17000px).

Stargate SG-1: Unleashed

Matte Painting, Ordino Studios / MGM   

BBC Olympics 2012

Matte Painting, Passion Pictures   

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

Matte Painting, Aardman Animations   

Planet 51

Matte painting, Ilion Animation Studios   

Holy Night!

Color and light studies, Dygra Films   

Donkey Xote

Textures, Shading & Matte paintings, Bren Entertainment   

Maldito Bastardo

Visual FX and matte paintings for B-Movie 'Damn Bastard'   

Red Cross Malaria commercial

Modeling, shading, animation and lighting   

Spanish Red Cross TV spot about malaria's consequences in Africa.
Done in Softimage XSI with J. Mansilla in 7 days, in a rush.