Ludum Dare #25

This past weekend I did a game for the 25th contest of Ludum Dare. The rules are quite strict: you must do all the art, programming and sound in 48 hours.

This is not time enough for creating any serious game, you must squeeze the time and be very focused and efficient to finish something. It was really exhausting, both physical and mentally, but it is a very nice experience to train your 'focusing muscle' and test yourself in such a demanding goal.

It's tricky how to decide how much time to spend in some task, and also difficult is to foresee the cost (in time and effort) of many things, and in many cases the result is very random. I guess it's a matter of experience..

Anyway, here is the result:


The theme of this contest was "You are the Villain", so my idea was taking a typical Shoot'em Up game and make the opposite gameplay: instead of playing the good ship (the blue one) you spawn and command the bad guys to follow a path you draw by making gestures from the top bar.

The most difficult part of course was making the AI of the blue ships, that try to dodge and survive in the mayhem. It didn't end very bad, but I didn't have time to polish the main problem: they are not aware of the limits of the screen, so they try to escape by going outside of it :P.
(For the techies: you can use key o to toggle the AI debug mode.)

Another thing that delayed me was programming everything from scratch, without using any library. This is not what people use to do in this competition (3rd party libraries, frameworks and tools are permitted), and I found myself wasting time reinventing the wheel sometimes.

To create the sounds I used Cfxr, and Otomata for the music (try it, it's funny!). The backgrounds are done with Photoshop, and the ships, bullets and explosions are procedurally created by code. I started painting in Photoshop a ship like this:

..but inmediately realized that I would need too much time for finishing all the 12 ships I'd need for the game (and the big boss!), so I went the procedural way. The ships turned out appealing enough, so the explosions, sparkles and bullets were generated in the same way, and everything ended with a consistent look.

It was a tiring but rewarding experience, very recommended if you have a free weekend and a surplus of energy (or you are in your 20s, which is kind of the same).

...and if you are brave enough, you have the One Game a Month challenge X)

In the Ludum Dare's NONEX entry page you can download the source code.

UPDATE (8 jan 2013):

The results of the competition are available! I placed 43rd, which is really cool, if you have in mind that there were 902 participants. I'm in the top 50 page! ^_^

Special congratulations to deepnight, his game is incredible..

El juego mola, el arte es genial y la música... fue lo primero que me llamó la atención xDDDD tenía ya la pregunta de como la habías creado en la recámara xDDD

Grande (como siempre) congratulations!
Anxo, 8 years ago



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